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31 July 2009 @ 07:58 pm
Project #1: Trending Topic  
Project Duration: Indefinitely

We all know that all the members of DBSK are having a difficult time right now. So, to show how much fans all over the world support the members of DBSK, we want to make them a trending topic on twitter as long as this lawsuit with SM is still up in the air!

This project is very simple and to the point; a great starting place for this newborn community!

What is a Trending Topic?
On twitter, when you put the # sign in front of a word it makes it a tag. The more a tag is used, the more popular the topic. Trending Topics are the most popular tags at any given time. And not only can we show support for the group by doing this, but people who see #dbsk on Trending Topic will click it out of curiosity and then discover who they are! It's like killing two birds with one stone!

All you need is a twitter account and dedication. Post on twitter with the tag #dbsk as much as you can!
Community Member Twitter Accounts:
shepardlover - Pinkframe
farah - bitai_chan
scruffylver898 - dangerlover898

So, get your fingers typing and make them a trending topic!

And don't forget to get the DBSK Twibbon!