[Brainstorming] Project #2: Sixth Anniversary Gift

I know it's a little early to be talking about our boy's sixth anniversary, but we don't want to start things too late and not be able to finish on time!
The purpose of this post is to introduce the community to our plan for the sixth anniversary gift and to brainstorm ideas for how to accomplish it. There are several issues we'll need to overcome before we can get this thing finished! Here is an explanation of our gift idea:

Since our goal is to show DBSK the love of international fans, and just how far and wide we reach, we want to showcase the different places that all their fans live in! What we want to do is have fans film themselves dancing to Hug (doing the actual, official dance) in front of monuments that their hometown is famous for. Even if you're from a small town or city, film somewhere where you live. Then upload the video along with a sort introduction to a file server like Mediafire or Megaupload. From there [info]bitaichan and I will collect all the videos and make them into a music video to send on DVD to the boys!

There are a few kinks in the plan to sort out, so don't start filming just yet! We would like your input on the following things to make this go as smoothly as possible.
  1. We would like to put Korean (or Japanese if we need to) subtitles on the introduction clips so that the boys can understand what we're saying. To do this we would need help from someone who speaks Korean fluently. We might also need help from a subber.
  2. What do you think would be the best plan of action for making this happen? We were thinking of having a sign up post to see who is interested. Then we will probably assign parts of the dance, so that you don't have to learn all of it if you don't want to.
  3. This is the biggest one. We're not exactly sure how to go about getting this to the boys! If anyone knows how to send in gifts, or the best way to go about it, we would love your input! [info]bitaichan and I will research this soon, but help from those that already know would be much appreciated!
Also, if you have an idea about how we can make this even more awesome, leave a comment! Every idea and question is welcome.

As a side note, since we're still brainstorming this project, we won't start advertising yet. Don't want things to get too confusing too fast. :)

[Community Icons] Keep the Faith

I've created a collection of Keep the Faith icons. The phrase has quickly become the motto of these troubled times in the fandom! So, if you'd like, feel free to use them and spread the DBSK love in forums and blogs all over the internet!

I used pictures from different times in their careers because all along, from the beginning until now, we have had faith in them. Always remember to keep the faith!

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Credit shepardlover @ dbsknown4ever if you use!

Project #1: Trending Topic

Project Duration: Indefinitely

We all know that all the members of DBSK are having a difficult time right now. So, to show how much fans all over the world support the members of DBSK, we want to make them a trending topic on twitter as long as this lawsuit with SM is still up in the air!

This project is very simple and to the point; a great starting place for this newborn community!

What is a Trending Topic?
On twitter, when you put the # sign in front of a word it makes it a tag. The more a tag is used, the more popular the topic. Trending Topics are the most popular tags at any given time. And not only can we show support for the group by doing this, but people who see #dbsk on Trending Topic will click it out of curiosity and then discover who they are! It's like killing two birds with one stone!

All you need is a twitter account and dedication. Post on twitter with the tag #dbsk as much as you can!
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So, get your fingers typing and make them a trending topic!

And don't forget to get the DBSK Twibbon!

Future Projects

When our first project is done, we're going to need to start on more!

In this post make suggestions about what projects you think would be fun and discuss them with other members. You can also post about resources you might have to help the community accomplish it's future goals.

This is also where you can post ideas on how to make the community as a whole a better place. Any suggestions/ideas will be much appreciated!

Rules and Introduction Post

Welcome to DBSK Now and Forever! This community is just getting started, but we have to make things quick.

This community has been founded to organize international, English speaking fans in order to show their support to the members of DBSK while going through this rocky time and from this point on.

This community plans to focus on inexpensive, heartfelt projects that everyone can help with in some way, shape or form. Many international fans are already stretched thin financially and we'd prefer them to spend their money supporting the boys through purchasing albums and other goods! Keep this in mind when suggesting future projects!

The rules here are very simple:

- Please stay positive about DBSK and other artists
- Play nice with the other members
- Only share rumors and news from reliable sources (We don't want unnecessary freak outs!)
- Posting access is currently moderated (This might change, and posting access is requestable!)
- No sharing downloads
(We want to support the boys in every way!)

If you would like to be given posting access, please request here with what you would like to post/add to the community. This is just to prevent spamming and for no other reason. I'll most likely be very lenient with it.

Also, please pimp this community to everyone you know! Our goal is to organize International fans to support DBSK. We might expand to a forum based fansite someday, but for now we'll stick with LJ! Here is a banner to advertise the community in forums and other fansites!

DBSK Hwaiting!